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Who Are You? Why Are You Here? What Is Reality Really All About?

This webpage is about a new book titled:

Pistis; Reology, The Three Grand Illusions, and The Power to Choose - A Book About Reality.

Throughout mankind's history, our perceptive reality has led us to question who, what, and why we are here. What is this universe we perceive around us? These questions have been the driving force of our survival and have contributed to the evolution and proliferation of man’s existence.

While there have been many disciplines of thought which have attempted to answer these questions, the truth seems to elude us, indicating a lack of satisfactory answers from all our religions, philosophies, mythologies, and sciences.

Ironically, we do in fact have enough knowledge, experience, and information to discover, define, and comprehend the true nature of our existence, as well as our individual roles in it. To realize this requires the willingness to see things at their most basic level, and recognize that what we find there provides us the evidence to understand the foundation of all that exists.       


For thousands of years, theologians , philosophers, and scientists have monopolized the question of “what is reality?” Now it's a topic for the rest of us.

Anyone sufficiently motivated to ask themselves questions such as “Who am I? Why am I here? What is this existence really all about?" already has the inherent ability and the direct evidence to find the answers.


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